Jen & Co. Wholesale Customer Requirements: 

To become a Jen & Co. wholesale customer, you must provide and meet specific requirements and consent to the Jen & Co. Terms & Conditions that are provided on our website. We require applicants to have a retail storefront and/or an established e-commerce website. We require and verify a copy of your business license and retail sales tax license or federal EIN prior to approving all accounts. We may also ask for pictures of your storefront and a list of other lines you carry prior to approval.

*Please note that you must be approved before you can shop in our showroom. We recommend emailing the proper credentials ahead of time or bringing the documentation with you. If you visit in person, you will still have to fill out an application form. We regret that we cannot make any exceptions.

MRP Policy:

Jen & Co. is committed to providing our customers with high-quality products. In order to provide our customers with a high-quality brand and fair trade, we have to establish a Minimum Resale Price (MRP) to protect the profitability of our retailers. Our MRP minimum mark-up for our brick-and-mortar stores is 2.2. Our MRP minimum for online retailers must match our online retail store. Off-season items are exempt from meeting the MRP. Occasional storewide sales are allowed, but the price must be marked down by a percentage. If we find that these requirements are not being met, we reserve the right to cancel orders or close accounts. 


To sell Jen & Co. online, an application must be submitted and approved. Approval is determined by the following criteria: meeting our customer requirements, being an established and verified seller, and following all company policies. As stated in our MRP policy, all online retailers must match our online retail store prices (excludes entire online website promotion).

Territory Protection:

At this time, we regret that we cannot provide territory protection.